New Era for Entropiq Counter-Strike

New Era for Entropiq Counter-Strike


The times of speculation are over. Entropiq unveils its CS roster with both young talent and seasoned veterans. The goal is set: Got us to Majors and world-class CS again.

Some have years of experience, multiple Majors and wins among the top teams, some have talent, drive, and are eager to win. Getting the new roster together took longer than anticipated, but it was worth the effort.

When we were putting the team together, we focused on its structure. I see it as a necessity to have veterans on the team who can pass on their experience and knowledge to younger teammates. TiziaN, enkay J and c0llins are therefore the right people for our squad. With forsyy, oxygeN and Marix, our young guns, we see a huge potential for growth and desire to improve.

Šimon Hradečný, manager CS EIQ

The IGL of our squad is Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch, who spent most of his career in the biggest German organization BIG, won multiple European tournaments, and has been on several Majors. And hoping for several more.

I am very excited to have found a new home in Entropiq. I have missed competing a lot and can’t get wait to get back to work.

Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch

I had several options to choose from, but after the first discussions I fully got the impression that our new captain tiziaN and coach enkay J are people who are going in the right direction and in whom I will gladly put my trust.

Pavel Klaban, Gaming Director, EIQ

His former colleague and coach from BIG Niclas “enkay J” Krumhorn is also joining. He first started as analyst and assistant coach for MOUZ, G2, and Envy. Later on he became the main coach of Sprout and led his team to Major, his latest team being BIG.

TiziaN and I want to help our young teammates develop as players and also as a team and then hopefully further down the line, bring Entropiq back to where they belong.

Niclas “enkay J” Krumhorn

The 27-year-old tiziaN and 34-year-old coach enkay J are accompanied by an AWP talent David “forsyy” Bílý – the young star of Czechia pro CS:Go scene, who played for Enterprise and Sinners. The 21-year-old Czech talent internationally recognized for his aim. And we are sure to be known even more.

I am excited like never before. Entropiq has the right kind of ambition and can provide us with what we need to play as best as possible.

David “forsyy” Bílý

Luka “c0llins” Živanović comes to Entropiq with history from team Partizan. The 24-year-old Serbian player has experience from the ESEA Pro League. ESL Challenger Series, and also Blast Premier Pro Major Paris qualification.

The other two rifflers also have a shared history. Blagoj “oxygeN” Dimitrov and Max “Marix” Kugener both come from OG Academy. Aged 20 and 19, they both have a lot to show and improve on.

As is usually the case with our club, we will face above and beyond expectations, whether from the public or ourselves, and only hard work and time will tell how we fare.

I would like to welcome everyone to our club and wish our fighters the best of luck. Keep fighting.

Pavel Klaban, Gaming Director, EIQ

Welcome to Entropiq! Welcome to our world! GL&HF

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