THIs is our world

We are a bunch of players by heart and soul, and also professionals from different fields. We want to have fun with esports and we want to get esports to the professional level.

Our goal

We have a plan
We want to win

It’s time for an esports organization to be created on the Czech-Slovak scene, which will compete and win internationally. Our starting line is to be the best on the Czech-Slovak scene. We will compare ourselves with the best ones in Europe, and even in the world.

Top 5 in
Central Europe
Top 20
in Europe


We’re 100% serious, we want to develop and improve constantly. We’ve been established only in December 2019, but we are ready to compete with the best. We form a team with members open to each other, where we work hard and we help each other with progress. This is Entropiq, esports is our world!

Professional background and data analysis

A coach, a team manager, a game analyst, a mental coach, data analysis, bootcamps, gaming house, fixing game errors are not bad words or fiction for us. These are necessary conditions to improve and to compete with the world’s top.

Entropiq teams