We are a bunch of experienced professionals from various fields and esports enthusiasts. We are players by heart and soul and we have decided, that it is time for a top esports organization with teams to be created at Czech-Slovak level, which will be able not only to compete with European and world-class opponents, but also to beat them repeatedly. We think about our organization to the smallest details, we provide our players with the best conditions, and in return, we demand 100% commitment and professionalism from them. Of course, there are training areas, paid trips to tournaments, coaches, just the maximum possible background. This way, players can only focus on playing and the best performance. We are also the first on the Czech-Slovak stage, who’s working with data analysis of individual games, which allows our players to grow. We're ENTROPIQ, and this is our world!


What makes ENTROPIQ unique?

We're 100% serious! We're not just talking about things, but we really follow them through. Participation in world tournaments is a matter of course for us. Bootcamps and training areas are the basic building blocks of success. We provide players with a background to develop and improve in what they can and what they enjoy. That's the only way to get results.

Entropiq team

Martin Kabrhel

Founder, Head of data analysis

Ondřej Drebota

Managing Director

Aleš Rataj

PR & Social media consultant

Pavel Klaban

Games Director

Karolína Šašková

Reporter and social media manager

David Odstrčil

Webmaster & Gaming consultant

Martin Bartůška

Business development manager

Matěj Kmit

Gaming consultant, coach

Vít Volhejn

Finance director

Martin Major

IT manager


Localization manager


Localization manager

Stanislava Moravcová


Jan Hedbávný


Jiří Melichar

Graphic designer

Martin Pajr


Michal Staněk


Bára Bulová

Office manager

Barbora Dvorská


Karapet Aleks

Project manager

Ghost of creepy


Zakhar Selyavin

Video producer & editor

Tom Banel

Marketing Consultant

Daniel Kahn

Graphic Designer

Ivo Goldbach


Jakub Krejčí