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THIs is our world

We are steadfast gamers and professionals from various fields. Our mission is to ascend to the top level of esports and enjoy the ride.

Our goal

We have a plan
We want to win

It is time for a new organization to emerge as a driving force on international esports stage and challenge the best from Europe and beyond.

Top 5 in
Central Europe
Top 20
in Europe


We take it 100% seriously, striving to improve every day. Established in December 2019, Entropiq is eager to take on the cream of the crop. Players and staff members on our team help push each other towards the pedestal. We are Entropiq, and this is our world!

Professional background and data analysis

Evaluating mistakes and fixing errors is an essential part of the progress. Our dugout boasts a coach, a team manager, a game analyst, a mental coach, and a data analyst, among others. They all contribute to making the learning process as smooth as possible.

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