We are steadfast gamers who believe it is time for a new esports organization to challenge the European elite and become a driving force in the field. We pay attention to the smallest details, emphasizing professional approach and a 100% commitment. From coaches to data analysts to a psychologist, the organization boasts top-shelf expertise that allows us to grow as a unit as well as individually. Our players can focus entirely on gaming, capitalizing on the immense support that helps enhance their performance. We are Entropiq, and this is our world.


What IS

We are determined to enter the world tournament stage and become a juggernaut with a long-lasting legacy. Ready to rise to the occasion, we take our mission 100% seriously. Our professional conditions meet the ambition, facilitating players' progress. We embrace total commitment as the cornerstone for building a gaming dynasty.

Entropiq team

Martin Kabrhel

Founder, Head of data analysis

Daniel Kloud


Ondřej Drebota

Advisor to the board

Aleš Klemperer

Chief Marketing Officer

Pavel Klaban

Sports Director

Jiří Melichar

Creative Director

David Halberštát

Infleuncer coordinator

Aleš Rataj

PR & Social media consultant