When, Where to Watch Entropiq Players This Week

When, Where to Watch Entropiq Players This Week

January 19, 2021

Esport year 2021 is slowly getting under way. After Fifa and Hearthstone, next in line is CS:GO. Entropiq will take part in the popular ESEA League.

All important information is also available on our social media:

Wednesday, 20 January and Sunday, 24 January 8 p.m.

PADDOCK Liga 01 - qualification #4 and #5 [-- Huhnak + RIIJK --]

Topgaming continues with another Paddock series in January.

Info: Topgaming

Thursday and Friday, 21-22 January

FIFAe Club World Cup - Week #4 [-- Fully + Veny --]

Entropiq duo Fully and Venny will take part in the fourth qualification week of FeCWC. Famous opponents like RBLZ Gamig, FaZe Clan, esport West Ham United or Serious Esports, that is our first opponent in the winners bracket.

Info: Entropiq

Since Friday, 18 December

Weekend league [-- Huhnak, RIIJK, Fully, Venny --]

Regular FIFA 21 weekend league continues with another playing week. Our players tend to stream their matches on their own Twitch channels or official channel of Entropiq.

Stream: Riijk nebo Huhnak

Thursday, 21 January

MAX Open Cup #6 - Week 3 [-- Faeli + En1gma --]

MAX Open Cup continues with its third round of swiss. In the week from 18 January Faeli managed to beat Prozac 3:1 . En1gma plays on Thursday against cocoaxe.

Faeli currently holds a third place with a score of 3-0.

Info: Battlefy

You can watch an interesting HS action regularly on Faeliho Twitch kanále.

Tuesday 19 January

ESEA League - Main - Week #1

Entropiq got to the third highest Main division of prestigious ESEA League after successful autumn split. In the first match of the season, we will meet Russian team KRASAVI, which ended up with a score of 9-7 last season.

Info: Esea.net



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