When, Where to Watch Entropiq Players This Week

When, Where to Watch Entropiq Players This Week

March 16, 2021

Main highlights of this week are finishing CS:GO ESEA Main Group Stage and starting Tipsport Cool Liga. Also new VGP season is setting in motion.

All important information is also available on our social media:

Tuesday, 16 March, 19:00 CET

Virtual GP #01 - Imola

VGP season starts with its first race in Intalian Imola. Drivers hop in the racing specials Mercedes-AMG GT3. You can cheer for Lukáš Podstata and Michal Matoušek in Entropiq colours.

Info and stream: Virtual GP

Friday, 19 March to Sunday, 21 March

Masters Tour Orgrimmar - qualification [-- En1gma --]

Faeli and Jobsad secured their spots for Masters Tour Orgrimmar thanks to their performance in MT Ironforge. En1gma has tofight in the qualifications again.

Info: Battlefy

Youcan watch an interesting HS action regularly on Faeli's Twitch channel.

Wednesday, 24 February and Sunday, 28 February 20:00 CET

PADDOCK Liga 03 - qualification #5 and #6 [-- Huhnak, RIIJK --]

Topgaming continues with another Paddock series in March.

Info: Topgaming

Thursday, 18 March

FIFA Pro League SK - 3. kolo [-- RIIJK, Huhnak --]

Slovakian FIFA Pro League is back. Huhnak is defending the title and RIIJK third place. You can find representants of Slovan Bratislava, Spartak Trnava, Sigma Olomouc, AS Trenčín or Viktoria Plzeň attending.

Info: Fifaleague.sk

Since Friday, 12 February

Weekend league [-- Huhnak, RIIJK, Fully, Venny --]

Regular FIFA 21 weekend league continues with another playing week. Our players tend to stream their matches on their own Twitch channels or official Entropiq's channel.

Stream: Riijk or Huhnak

Tuesday, 16 March and Thursday, 18 March, 19:00 CET

ESEA League - Main - Week #9

Entropiq is on the roller coaster in the third highest ESEA Main division. After 14 matches we scored nine wins and five loses.

This week we have last two matches ahead of us. One against eSport Rhein-Neckar and one against EPIC DUDES. Race to the playoff finishes.

Info: Esea.net

Saturday, 20 March, 14:00 CET

Tipsport COOL Liga - 1st round

In the first round of spring split of Cool Liga we meet eSuba.

Info: coolliga.cz

Valorant players have a free week after nice performance in the last VTC.

Sunday, 21 March, 17:00 CET

Patriot TFT - qualification #2

Sebadam has another chance to qualify to the Patriot TFT tournament by Playzone.

Info: Playzone.cz

Watch on Twitch.tv/sebadamtft


PUBG have a free week without official events.

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