We're in This Together: Entropiq Charity FIFA Cup

We're in This Together: Entropiq Charity FIFA Cup

March 25, 2020

Fighting the spreading of COVID-19 connects the nation as well as the Czech esports teams.

Team Entropiq decides to help in the battle against the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic by hosting the Entropiq Charity FIFA Cup to raise funds for the department of infectious diseases at Nemocnice Na Bulovce hospital. The earnings will be used for purchase of ventilators and other much-needed medical material.

Joining forces with McDonald's, Tipsport, and Fine Gusto, Entropiq and its partners guarantee to contribute at least CZK 100,000 for the cause.

"We are glad that we — together with our partners McDonald's, Tipsport, and Fine Gusto — can do at least this much to support our medical staff and other personnel in the first line of defense. We understand the seriousness of the situation, and therefore we decide to use the popularity of the top Czech esports teams and football clubs to help where it's needed," said Ondřej Drebota, Managing Director of Entropiq.

The virtual football tournament will see five players compete on Thursday, March 26, with the action kicking off at 5 p.m. CET. Ambassadors of AC Sparta Praha, FC Viktoria Plzeň, and FK Teplice will be joined by domestic esports heavyweights Sampi and Entropiq.

The black-and-green colors will be represented by Štěpán "RIIJK" Sobocki, who's lately been on fire. RIIJK notched a perfect 30-0 record in the last weekend league to finish 54th worldwide.

Fans will have a chance to help in raising funds by donations during the live stream, which will be running on Entropiq's Twitch channel. A full 100% of each donation will go to the Na Bulovce hospital.

The contest will boast an entertaining commentary provided by experienced sports announcer Michal Jinoch from Nova Sport along with football players Lukáš Vácha and Jakub Podaný.

"I follow our esports scene, and I used to play FIFA, so it will be nice to do a commentary now when real football has been put on hold. I'm a fan of PlayStation and games," revealed Vácha who won two Czech league titles with Liberec and Sparta.

"I'm happy to support an event that will entertain and help a good cause. I hope we'll watch a lot of great virtual performances," said Jakub Podaný, currently a player for Bohemians Praha 1905.    

Basic information:

When: March 26, 2020 at 5 p.m. CET
Where: Twitch.tv 

  • AC Sparta Praha - Jan "Emerickson" Krupička
  • FC Viktoria Plzeň - Lukáš "T9Laky" Pour
  • FK Teplice - Martin "Dalas94" Vujtík
  • Sampi - Dominik "Seron" Čermák
  • Entropiq - Štěpán "Riijk" Sobocki

Guaranteed contribution: CZK 100,000

Match fixtures:
  • 5:00 Sampi vs. Teplice
  • 5:20 Entropiq vs. Plzeň
  • 5:40 Sparta vs. Teplice
  • 6:00 Entropiq vs. Sampi
  • 6:20 Sparta vs. Plzeň
  • 6:40 Entropiq vs. Teplice
  • 7:00 Sampi vs. Sparta
  • 7:20 Plzeň vs. Teplice
  • 7:40 Entropiq vs. Sparta
  • 8:00 Sampi vs. Plzeň
  • 8:30 Grand Finals

Basic rules:
  • A FIFA 20 tournament with each player playing on their PS4 account
  • All matches will be played in the Online Friendlies mode.
  • Each match will last 2x45 minutes of game time (2x6 minutes real-time). Should a match end in a draw, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.
  • The group stage will feature a Bo1 Round Robin format (each plays each other once).
  • A winner of each match will receive 1 point, loser 0 points.
  • The top two teams after the group stage will meet in the Bo3 Grand Finals (best of three).
  • Group stage tie-breakers: Number of points, followed by head-to-head match, followed by a goal differential, followed by goals scored.
  • Should none of the aforementioned tie-breakers determine the outcome, the standings will be decided by a random draw at https://www.random.org/. Each team involved in the draw will be assigned a number, and the drawn number will determine the finalist(s). The same tie-breaking procedure applies for a multi-way tie.

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