VIDEO: Patrik "Huhnak" Hornák (FIFA 20)

VIDEO: Patrik "Huhnak" Hornák (FIFA 20)

March 15, 2020

Patrik "Huhnak" Hornák and Štepán "RIIJK" Sobocki are the cornerstones of the Entropiq FIFA team.

Hornák has many great results, and in October 2018, he became the winner of the FIFA 19 Czech-Slovak Championship (MČSR), which took place at the “For Games” festival. He belongs among the best Czech players of this popular sports simulation for a long time. Will he be successful in Entropiq colors, too? We believe in that! We have a few questions for him.

Patrik "Huhnak" Hornák

Country:  Czech Republic
Nickname: Huhnak
Age:  23

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