Three attempts and we’re out of the Major!

Three attempts and we’re out of the Major!


Entropiq players had three attempts to qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm playoffs. After three losses in a row, we finish 9th-11th in the world’s toughest competition. Not great, not terrible.

After the failed series with G2 and FURIA, the French shooters from Vitality were waiting for our fighters in the match for everything.

Unfortunately for the throngs of fans in Entropiq’s black and green colours, one of Vitality’s stars, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, the best CS:GO player in the world in 2019 and 2020 according to HLTV, remembered better times, and it is mainly thanks to him that his team made the playoffs at Entropiq’s expense.

Nickleback, El1an, Krad, Forester and Lack1 didn’t start off badly at all. Their own map pick, Mirage, raced out of T-side at 6-2, after an even half-time Entropiq were close to winning 14-10, only for the French five’s captain, apEX, to deliver a clutch 1v3 in one of the deciding rounds, the momentum swung and Vitality took Mirage 14-16. ZywOo racked up a good 27 frags along the way.

The international roster of the Czech organization quickly put the first setbacks behind them. The start of Overpass and 7-0 for Entropiq gave a hint of an early decider. Although the opponent tightened the gap to 11-4 after halftime, the Black and Greens finished the second map to win 16-13.

ZywOo shone again on the Dust 2 decider. He was already up to 13 kills in the first four rounds. Entropiq couldn’t counter. A 2-13 halftime and then a pistol win for Vitality with four more kills for ZywOo brought the series to a close. Vitality scored the decisive point for a 16-5 win.

Entropiq vs Team Vitality na PGL Major 2021

“It’s our first LAN championship and it brought a lot of problems, mistakes and other things that we need to improve for the next time,” commented coach Hooch.

“I have to give credit to what we accomplished. We worked hard and we are very tired. Disappointment prevails now, but we have a great team that I am proud of.

“It won’t be easy, but we have to learn from these defeats and become even stronger. We have the V4 in Budapest coming up soon, and we have to be even better there. But being ninth at the Major is not so bad after all.”

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