This year’s CZ/SK CS:GO season is over

This year’s CZ/SK CS:GO season is over

November 9, 2022

The long-awaited peak of the Czechoslovak CS:GO season ended a few days ago. There were no big surprises, not even for Entropiq.

The traditional Czech Republic Computer Games Championship took place at the Brno Exhibition Centre on 2-6 November. The final tournament for the best 8 teams of the Czechoslovak scene was subsidized with a record amount of $80,000.

The tournament offered no major surprises. The only hitch was the opening loss of SINNERS against Cryptova. In the end, ENTERPRISE advanced from Group B as winners and SINNERS from second place, correcting their mistake again against Cryptova in the decider.

There was no big twist in Group A either. Unfortunately for us. Most of the experts and fans had Dynamo and eSuba as the advancing teams. Entropiq ended up in a non-advancing third place in the majority of predictions.

Dynamo Eclot and eSuba did indeed advance to the knockout stage. Entropiq finished third, having twice fallen short of a well-playing eSuba. Our only scalp came against the underdog Team Universe, and we had to say goodbye to the tournament sooner than we had hoped.

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eSuba met the defending champions from SINNERS in the grand final.

The first map went into the blue corner, but that was all eSuba managed to achieve, and SINNERS took the rest of the final and deservedly took the title of the Czech Champion and the prize money of $40,000.

We take away the consolation prize of $2,500 for the 5th-6th place and the desire to be better.

This tournament marks the end of this year's domestic CS:GO season. However, you can still meet our players in tournaments abroad, especially in the ongoing ESEA league.

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