This is our world, and it can be yours, too!

This is our world, and it can be yours, too!

January 23, 2020


This is our world, and it can be yours, too!


We are a bunch of experienced professionals from various background and fields, and we are all esports enthusiasts. We are players by heart and soul and we have decided, that it is time for a top esports organization to be created at the CZ/SK level. Our teams will not only be able to compete with European and world-class opponents, but we will beat them repeatedly. We have planned out our organization to the smallest detail. We provide our players with the best conditions, and in return, we demand 100% commitment and professionalism from them. There are training facilities, paid trips to tournaments, coaches, and just the maximum amount of background possible. This way, players can focus solely on playing and achieving their best performance. We are also the first on the Czech-Slovak stage that is working with data analysis of individual games, allowing our players to grow. We're ENTROPIQ, and this is our world!

What makes ENTROPIQ unique

We're 100% serious! We're not just talking about things, but we are doing them. Participation in world tournaments is our primary objective. Bootcamps and training are the basic building blocks, without them, our goals cannot be reached. We provide our players with the tools to develop and improve in what they can and what they enjoy. That's the only way to get results.

Our values


Professional is of utmost importance to us. We provide our teams and players with the necessary background and support, so they can focus strictly on the game and their improvement. In order to achieve better results, we request the same attitude and commitment from our players.


Teamwork is as important to us as professionalism. Even if you're playing by yourself, you need a team around you. We want to work together and we want to improve together. You must always be a team player first, breath for your team and for your organization. One for all, all for one!

Fairness and credibility

We are an honest organization who deals with our players fairly. You won’t find any hidden terms or conditions with us. We respect our deals and want the same thing from our players. We'll let you develop freely – we'll give you a natural space for it. In return, we expect the same level of fairness from you. We don't want bodies without integrity on our team, , we don't want machines, we want our players to be ENTROPIQ, and we demand that our players play a fair game. There's no room for scams.

Desire to win

We enjoy games, there is no doubt about it, but we don't want to just play. We want to win! It may not always be at all costs, but we have a victory in our blood, and we like to pit our strength against anyone. Our starting line is to be the best on the Czech-Slovak scene. But we want to compare ourselves to the best in Europe and we are not afraid to say that even in the world!

Open access

Our players are important to us, and if anyone has an idea or comment at any time, they can always get in touch! As an organization, we recognize open access and transparency. We listen to our players and try to accommodate them as much as possible. The art of listening and perceiving the opinions of others must not be foreign to our players.

Innovation and data analysis

We don't look too much to the left nor to the right. We do things our way, as we believe it's best, and how it should be done. Coach, team manager, game analyst, mental coach, data analysis, bootcamps, gaming house, and game-play error correction are not dirty words or fiction at our place. These are the necessary components without which, you simply cannot improve and compete with the world's top competitors.


We believe that honest training, team play and systematic error elimination leads to improved performance. That's why we provide our players with the utmost background and support to train in a still environment. In return, we demand a desire to improve, the will to work on ourselves, and to eliminate mistakes that we all make sometimes.

Growth and development

As an organization, we are working everyday to constantly develop and improve. We want to compete with the best and we strive to be even better than the best. While it's not a small goal, we believe it to be one that can be attained. Obviously not right away, but is something we will gradually work towards. We aim to set pace and set standards. And of course, we want to have fun with all of this, too.

This is our world!


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