Team Entropiq Partners With McDonald's

Team Entropiq Partners With McDonald's

August 26, 2020

Czech esports organization Entropiq has embarked on a joint mission with McDonald's, the most iconic restaurant chain in the world.

One of the leading brands on the planet, McDonald's has partnered with Entropiq to bolster its presence in the realm of professional gaming.

Less than a year into its existence, Entropiq has been citing ambition first to dominate the Czech-Slovak esports scene before emerging as a driving force on the global stage.

August has been a groundbreaking month for Entropiq, with announcements of Valorant and CS:GO rosters enhancing the organization's radius. The partnership with McDonald's further emphasizes Entropiq's pursuit of building an esports empire in cooperation with widely recognized and experienced partners.

"I am pleased to see us make giant leaps forward, meeting our vision of becoming an international esports organization. In McDonald's, we are welcoming an illustrious partner. I am looking forward to pushing Czech gaming together," said Ondřej Drebota, Managing Director, Entropiq.

The esports industry has been growing to enormous proportions and, throughout the brand's history, McDonald's ability to adapt to emerging trends has been paramount.

"We enter the world of esports with the hopes of raising brand awareness among the important group of our customers and shifting McDonald's image towards becoming an integral part of the entertainment instilled in this rapidly-expanding cultural phenomenon," said Martin Troup, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald's Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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