Summer Cup: Title fight vs Dynamo Eclot

Summer Cup: Title fight vs Dynamo Eclot

July 3, 2022

Entropiq are dominating the domestic League of Legends scene this year. They would like to confirm their status in the final match of Summer Cup against Dynamo Eclot.

The battle for CZK 100,000 for the winner is entering its grand finale. There are only two teams left in the LoL Summer Cup after qualifiers, group stage and two playoff rounds. So far, Entropiq and Dynamo Eclot have been sovereign teams.

After a peaceful 3-0 quarter-final triumph, our players were facing their rivals from eSuba yet again in BO5 semifinal series.

Entropiq, the fresh champions of Prague Champs, were again the favourites, but eSuba wanted to return us the defeat from the Winter Cup (3-2).

We witnessed all five maps played on the CZSK scene after a long time. eSuba, boosted by the triumph over our fighters in the friendly Smíchov Legends, pushed on, but in the official matches the blues will stillhave to wait for their time.

Entropiq completed their best of five and will play Dynamo Eclot for the Summer Cup title on Tuesday, 5 Tuesday.

The winner will be rewarded with CZK 100,000 prize, the other team will take half.

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