Slovak Championships: Faeli Claims Silver

Slovak Championships: Faeli Claims Silver

October 13, 2020

Entropiq family completed the medal collection at Slovak Championships. Following a one-three in FIFA, courtesy of RIIJK and Huhnak, Hearthstone section stepped up to the plate as well with Faeli finishing in second place.

Faeli easily qualified to the 16-player finals, and his campaign started with a dominant performance in the group stage. The reigning Czech champion looked poised to add a Slovak title to his name, marching through the second group-stage round into the semifinals.

Beating Valdaboy propelled Faeli to the title bout, but it would be Matyáš "Matty" Kalužný who'd ascend to the Slovak throne. Faeli settled for a runner-up finish and the silver medal.

Slovak Championships 2020 - Hearthstone

Faeli's results

  • TOP16 vs Benko 3-1 ✅
  • TOP16 vs BoreCZ 3-1 ✅
  • TOP16 vs Misaks 3-0 ✅
  • TOP8 vs Jozo 3-2 ✅
  • TOP8 vs Tommei 3-2 ✅
  • TOP8 vs KorePuzzaBoy 2-3 ❌
  • semifinále vs Valdaboy 3-1 ✅
  • Finále vs Matty 1-3 ❌

How do you sum up your performance?

Since I bricked the Masters Tour qualifiers, I've recently had time to compete in the Czech and Slovak tournaments. So I was very focused on the Slovak Championships, from prelims to the finals.

It ended in a classic battle against Matty in the finals. My chances didn't seem too exciting; I knew Matty's Mage and Druid were going to cause troubles.

I let him play the Druid, but my solid matchup failed as Mage didn't deliver. So I lost in four games.

Coming into the tournament, I sensed that my lineup wasn't going to be a favorite should I reach the top four. However, it was a smooth ride through the earlier stages. I played the decks that suit me.

What are your next plans?

I will switch my focus to the Czech Nationals and the French MAX league where I'm currently at 3-1 in the group.

Faeli trails only the two-time Masters Tour champion xBlyzes in Group D

Last weekend, the domestic Hearthstone scene saw Jaromír "Jarla" Vyskočil become the first Czech player to reach the World Championships. What was your reaction?

Jarla has finally made it. He's one of a few Grandmasters who really give it all, and the results reflect that. I hope he'll continue winning at the Global Finals and that the whole Czech Hearthstone community will be rooting for him. I'll be definitely watching it.

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