Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020: Six Events!

Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020: Six Events!

February 13, 2020

Team Entropiq's Oldřich "Faeli" Mahdal outlined his goals for 2020, revealing his plans to reach the Grandmasters. The only way to reach the pinnacle of the Hearthstone battles leads through the Masters Tour offline tournaments.

While last year's schedule included stops in Las Vegas, Seoul, and Bucharest, the tour has filled the 2020 calendar with a total of six scheduled events. The action-packed season kicked off last month in Arlington, Texas with Faeli navigating to a 30th place among the 258 contenders.

Further confirmed events include stops in Bali, Jönköping, Montreal, and Spain. The only undisclosed destination on the schedule involves the Asia-Pacific region, with the tour's visit slated for the summer months.

Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020

  • Masters Tour #1 - Arlington, TX, United States (January 31-February 2)
  • Masters Tour #2 - Bali, Indonesia (March 20-23)
  • Masters Tour #3 - Jönköping, Sweden (June 12-14)
    Qualifiers: February 6-March 29
  • Masters Tour #4 - TBD, Asia-Pacific region (July/August)
    Qualifiers: April 2-May 24
  • Masters Tour #5 - Montreal, Canada (September 11-13)
    Qualifiers: June 4-July 26
  • Masters Tour #6 - Spain (December)
    Qualifiers: August 6-September 27

Each of the six Masters Tour 2020 stops boasts a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. Moreover, Blizzard will add up to $1.5 million total through crowd-funding campaigns, potentially doubling the prizes at every event.

The crowd-funding milestone has been already reached. The champion of each Masters Tour event is set to walk away with $32,500. Players with at least five wins are guaranteed $1.000.

The road to Grandmasters

The elite company of the Hearthstone Grandmasters currently boasts 48 top-shelf players from all corners of the world with Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific providing 16 players apiece.

The Grandmasters split the calendar year into two seasons. The bottom three Grandmasters from each region will be replaced at the end of the first season, with the respective regions' top three earners through the first three Masters Tour 2020 stops taking their spots.

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