Road America: Lukáš Podstata wins once again!

Road America: Lukáš Podstata wins once again!

September 17, 2021

Formula Dallara suits Lukáš Podstata well. Even update of iRacing simulator hasn't changed that. The black and green single-seater was once again unstoppable at Road America.

The tenth race of the Virtual GP season brought the drivers to the United States. The championship points were contested at Road America. Entropiq was one of the most visible teams.

Championship leader Lukáš Podstata leaves nothing to chance. He reigned supreme at Road America and increased his lead in the drivers' championship standings to an abysmal 30 points ahead of the last two races. The VGP title is now much closer to our colours.

Podstata first took pole position in the qualification and never let anyone else take the top spot apart from a couple of pit stops. Although the course would have been consistent with that, it was definitely not a case of simply scoring points.

"It was the hardest race of the season for me. I was at Monza at the weekend to watch Formula 1, there was an update and I only sat down to it for the first time on Monday," Lukáš described the situation.

"It didn't go well at all, I started to panic, but we got the set-up together and in the end the update is pretty good," he added.

"I have a big lead both in individuals and together with Michal in teams, but it's not over yet. We want to close it as soon as possible. Lukáš (Přáda, second man in the standings, editor's note) drove great again at Road America, but we had a better setup. We've been working for ten races, so hopefully we'll finish it off," he continued. The next race is the Long Beach City Circuit.

"It's going to be a lot of drills there, I'm not too fond of city circuits, but they separate the wheat from the chaff, almost anyone can win there, the qualification will decide. It's going to be a bit of a survival, whoever survives, wins," he looks forward to.

Behind Lukáš Podstata, however, there were fierce battles for the other rankings at Road America. Michal Matoušek was competing for second place and this year's premiere double for Entropiq. The tug-of-war for second place with Lukáš Přáda and Stanislav Sehnal was eventually won by Přáda after a driving mistake by Matoušek.

"The goal was the podium, so good in the end. But there was a chance for a double. After Daytona, when Eset passed us at the finish line, my individual mistake here robbed us of the double, I was too fast on the gas, but through the undercut I finally at least got back ahead of Standa Sehnal. Then he was pushing until the very finish, so at least I kept the third place," commented Matoušek.

Lukáš Podstata's biggest competitor, Lukáš Přáda, second in the standings, looked a bit discouraged at the Road America finish:

"Already in practice Entropiq showed crazy speed, second place was the maximum, the start was good, there were some nice duels with Michal Matoušek, but I would rather fight with the other Entropiq car. Overall it was very difficult to stay on the track, unfortunately the mistakes came from the drivers behind me, not from the only one in front of me. Now we can only hope for a miracle, it will be hard to make up 30 points in two races."

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