Rejin before the Sazka eLeague: We want to get to the finals!

Rejin before the Sazka eLeague: We want to get to the finals!

October 21, 2021

Allan "Rejin" Petersen, successful coach of the mousesports, has been officialy Entropiq Prague analyst for almost amonth. Change of play style brought alittle performance drop, yet Rejin believes in the Sazka eLEAGUE grand final.

We haven’t been very successful in recent weeks, what were the main reasons of our unexpected defeats?

I think our performance has been due to the complete restructure of how we perceive counter-strike. I have been changing the whole dynamic of the team and the way we see CS:GO. It will take time and is a long term process, so it is expected to see a dip in our performance.

But we get better every day. We advanced to the playoffs in the CEE Champions and I hope we'll be successful in the Sazka eLeague as well.

Do you see a noticeable performance boost since you joining to the team?

Since I joined the team, we have been (as stated earlier) restructuring the whole team. This of course comes as a prize as we need to be on the same page. But I defiantly see us playing much more structured CS and in time we will see results.

What do you expect from the semifinals against Enterprise, which will be played offline at Prague's Letňany?

Our upcoming match versus enterprise is another one of many against them. I feel confident that this time we will victorious. Our goal for Sazka is to reach the finals.

Are you are planning any surprises for your opponent?

We always have a few surprises up our sleeve but time will tell!

What result would you be satisfied with?

If we reach our goal which is finals, then I am happy. But I am also a guy who is not satisfied with being number 2. So ideally we are winning the whole thing!

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