PUBG title as a present

PUBG title as a present


Entropiq PUBG section gave itself an early Christmas gift. Our shooters dominated the Yemeksepeti PROTALITY DROPSTARS tournament.

The last stint of this year for Ivas, QBE, Naylup and Lukarux ended greatly.

In the Yemeksepeti PROTALITY DROPSTARS tournament, they didn’t give anyone a chance and easily took the first place.

After the first day of play, we held the second place. However, it was the second day that decided about the winners…

Out of five maps played, our foursome managed to win one and take second place in the other four. A really unprecedented thing.

A confident performance and another WWCD on the last playing day meant consolidation of the lead, and finally a coveted title.

Yemeksepeti PROTALITY DROPSTARS finální pořadí

This wasn’t some random tournament, either. While there was “only” $8,000 on the line, the team roster was really packed.

Apart from us, last year’s PGC runner-up Heroic, who finished second in this tournament, this year’s PGC seventh-place finishers Question Mark, and teams Polish Power and Digital Athletics also participated in the Grand Finals.

We thank the organizers for the invitation and all our fans for the atmosphere. Now our entire PUBG can enjoy some well-deserved holiday treat. This is our world!

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