PSL: Entropiq Advances to the Finals!

PSL: Entropiq Advances to the Finals!

February 10, 2020

After the Friday's session in which nothing went our way, the PUBG Entropiq team regrouped and bounced back. Our players absolutely shredded the semifinal Losers Bracket in the PUBG SuomiLiiga.

Hawki, RedgieBeardo, Double and Kejdoran kicked off strongly, winning the first of their six battles just before noon. They kept the foot firmly on the pedal and marched through the PSL Losers bracket, showing complete dominance.

The six games saw Entropiq notch three first-place finishes among the 16 teams. Game #4 was especially remarkable with the black-and-greens scoring 21 kills and 31 points. Entropiq was unstoppable, flawlessly cruising to the finals.

The finale is coming up on February 17 and 18. Our team will be battling among the 16 finalists as the fifth season of the prestigious SuomiLiiga culminates. Each day will feature six matches, and the top three teams will lock up €2,500, €1,500, and €1,000, respectively.

Additionally, the top 12 teams will secure their spot at Lantrek 2020, a legendary Finnish gaming event featuring a €10,000 guaranteed PUBG tournament.

Follow our social media for a link to the live stream from the finals. And don't forget to root for our boys!

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