PCS: Entropiq Finishes in 13th Place

PCS: Entropiq Finishes in 13th Place

June 1, 2020

Team Entropiq couldn't get things going their way and wraps their PUBG Continental Series Charity Showdown with a 13th-place finish. That leaves us outside spots for a direct invitation to the $200,000 guaranteed PCS #1.

Entropiq racked up only 69 points through the three-day PCS Grand Finals, and the disappointing performance left us pinned to the bottom part of the table. The black-and-greens were awarded $2,425 for their run, finishing in 13th place.

"I'm very sad to see us down there. I think we had a good strategy, but there was always some small mistake in execution, which proved costly," team captain Hawki revealed.

Through the 18 matches in the stacked lobby, featuring the top 16 teams in Europe, Entropiq failed to pick up the pace. The absence of a true breakthrough left our team struggling in the lower echelon of the standings from start to finish.

"It's been another valuable experience, which will help us moving forward. Thank you for your support. We'll come back stronger," Hawki said to our fans.

Entropiq was sitting in 13th place coming into the last six maps. The main objective was to eclipse two of the non-invited teams to secure the group-stage berth for the PCS Europe.

The boys started with a promising third place in the opening game on Miramar (Match 13). RedgieBeardo emerged as the top fragger with five kills, helping the team to third place and eight kills. It was the first double-digit game Entropiq notched in the finals. Unfortunately, it would remain the only one.

The second match on Sunday brought a hard zone-shift towards the east, and our team got caught up in a fight against FaZe, which got spoilt by Tornado Energy from a distanced high ground. Only Hawki survived the pressure, and while he stayed far away from the circle, he was able to crawl his way inside placement points. A seventh-place finish with three frags was, however, too little to change our position in the table.

The final Miramar battle saw the circle move towards Los Leones, and our team reacted by pushing Elgiganten out of their compound. A clean sweep gave our team hopes for a good game, but a subsequent four-on-three fight versus Tornado Energy ended in a disaster as we got wiped out in 13th place.

To have more salt rubbed into the wound, the first Erangel match didn't go well for us either. Entropiq's rotation was intercepted by FaZe and we were knocked out within seconds, scoring zero points. The rough time continued on the following map with our team squeezed in a crowded area after the zone shifted to Georgopol. Nowikk and Double were picked off in transition, and the remaining two players were curbed in the following sequence.

Entropiq headed into the final game trailing the 11th-place finish by five points. It was a battle of four non-seeded teams for the 11th spot, guaranteeing the PCS Europe group stage. Neither of the teams did particularly well, with three teams left with solo snakes early into the game. All weight was on Hawki's shoulders, who needed to squeeze out a miraculous runner-up finish. Hawki stayed in a bunker, but the zone eventually moved away from his area, and his effort was halted in sixth place.

Entropiq was forced to settle for a 13th-place finish, and their quest for the PCS Europe glory will have to start in the Closed Qualifier, which takes place June 4-5. Entropiq will need to secure a top-five finish in the 16-team lobby.

The PCS Charity Showdown was absolutely dominated by Team Northern Lights who showcased tremendous confidence throughout the tournament, leaving their nearest rivals far behind. NLT took home $25,000, and a charity of their selection can look forward to receiving the $100,000 donation provided by the PUBG Corporation.

More information can be found on the PCS website and Liquipedia page.

PCS Grand Finals - Day 3

(Entropiq results)

  • Match13 - Miramar: 3rd place (8 kills)
  • Match14 - Miramar: 7th place (3 kills)
  • Match15 - Miramar: 13th place (4 kills)
  • Match16 - Erangel: 14th place (0 kills)
  • Match17 - Erangel: 15th place (2 kills)
  • Match18 - Erangel: 6th place (2 kills)

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