PCS: Entropiq Advances to Closed Qualifier

PCS: Entropiq Advances to Closed Qualifier

July 25, 2020

Team Entropiq has made it through to the Closed Qualifier to the PUBG Continental Series #2. The major event will feature a handsome $200,000 prize pool and Entropiq players will hope to earn their slot in the lobby as the final qualifying round culminates this weekend.

The black-and-greens sailed smoothly through Round 4 in the Europe West branch, which saw 16 teams gather for a two-day session featuring six matches on Thursday, followed by the same portion on Friday.

Day 1 saw Entropiq start quite slowly from the grid, failing to finish inside placement points through the three Miramar map. The boys would dominate Match 4, emerging with 13 kills and an outright victory to outline their road through to the next stage.
With the top seven spots allocated to the Closed Qualifier, Entropiq had everything under control. Hawki, Nowikk, RedgieBeardo and Double lied in fourth place midway through the round.

While the mid-table seemed packed, Entropiq separated from the field on Day 2 thanks to consistent performance. The team finished in the top eight through the whole back six, climbing through the standings.

Entropiq effectively clinched the advancing spot way before the end, chasing the overall lead in the group with sniip team being the only squad to keep up with our team.

A first place on the eighth map propelled Entropiq to the lead, and while sniip eventually eclipsed Entropiq by the tiniest margin possible, a 101-point rally (equaling 8.4 ppg) from the black-and-greens is a promising effort ahead of the Closed Qualifier.

Naturally, the competition is expected to get tougher with the final qualifier boasting some of the more prominent European teams such as Tempus and GameFraym.

Moreover, the Closed Qualifier will see only the top five advance through to the main stage of the PCS contest. The system will remain the same; the 16-team lobby will play 12 matches split into two days, with the kickoff set for Saturday, July 25, at 7 p.m. CET.

The Closed Qualifier will be available live on Twitch (subject to a 15-minute security delay). Live standings can be followed at StarLadder.

PCS Europe West - Round 4

(Entropiq results)

Match 1 - Miramar: 15th place (0 kills)
Match 2 -Miramar: 12th place (6 kills)
Match 3 - Miramar: 10th place (6kills)
Match 4 - Erangel: 1st place (13 kills)
Match 5 -Erangel: 3rd place (5 kills)
Match 6 - Erangel: 14th place (2kills)
Match 7 - Miramar: 8th place (2 kills)
Match 8 -Miramar: 1st place (10 kills)
Match 9 - Miramar: 4th place (5kills)
Match 10 - Erangel: 5th place (7 kills)
Match 11 -Erangel: 6th place (2 kills)
Match 12 - Erangel: 6th place (6kills)

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