PCS #3: Entropiq Marches Through Qualifiers

PCS #3: Entropiq Marches Through Qualifiers

October 4, 2020

The PUBG Corporation has announced the fourth major of the year with the PCS Europe #3 scheduled for October. The qualifiers are in full swing, and Entropiq is looking to secure a slot in the battles for the $200,000 prize pool.

Entropiq PUBG squad has to go through the whole qualifying process due to subpar performance in PCS #2. The first three preliminary rounds have reduced the Europe West region to the last 32 contenders (from a field of 227). The black-and-greens stay in the hunt.

Hawki, RedgieBeardo, Nowikk, and Double have been on a solid run so far, but the competition naturally grows in the qualifying process.

The next round will feature two groups of 16 teams, each of them propelling the top seven plus the better-ranked eighth team to the Closed Qualifier. Entropiq will play 12 matches across two days, clashing with the likes of Redline, With Potential, YMCA as well as fellow Czech unit FADEE Gaming, among others.

Entropiq's goal will be to clinch the Closed Qualifier seed where the 15 qualified teams join directly invited ADEPTS to compete for a top-five result. That's the gateway to the Group Stage where the teams secure slices of the prize pool.

RedgieBeardo and Hawki

Remaining path in the PCS #3 Europe West qualifiers:

Round 4 (32 teams) - October 5-6, from 19:00 CEST. BO12 format (six matches per day)

- The top 7 teams from each group advance to the Closed Qualifier, along with the higher-scoring team in eighth

stream: https://www.twitch.tv/c0pter_

Closed Qualification - October 7-8, from 19:00 CEST. BO12 format (six matches per day)

- The top 5 teams advance to the PCS #3 Group stage.

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