Not a secret anymore: Secretlab is a new partner of Entropiq

Not a secret anymore: Secretlab is a new partner of Entropiq


We are proud to announce our partnership with the official partner for Blast, LEC and other top tier stuff – the Secretlab.

A story that is almost like an American dream – two pro players got together back in 2014 and with their lifetime savings – approx. $50 thousand – they tried to create an ultimate gaming chair. At the time they were 22 years old.

It’s safe to say, they knew what they were doing. After 6 months the first chair – Secretlab Throne V1 – was born and became a hit. The first 200 units were sold within a week. By 2020, 1 million chairs were shipped, and in the last 3 years, the number grew up to 2 million. 

And now the Entropiq is part of the Secretlab family too. 

Not many would ever sit on a Secretlab chair and would settle for anything else. The concept and design of the chair is detail-driven through and through. 

Players wouldn’t tell you differently. They would recognize a Secretlab chair blindfolded without doubt. 

And by the way…you will have a chance to see for yourself. Follow our social media and keep your heads up for a chance to win one of these beauties.

Thank you, Secretlab! Welcome to our world!

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