Nice end of the year and second place in ESEA Premier

Nice end of the year and second place in ESEA Premier

December 23, 2021

International CS:GO roster of Entropiq added several valuable wins by the end of the year. We almost won the prestigious ESEA Premier.

Roster around IGL Nickelback dominated this year's ESEA Premier group stage first and went for the playoffs from the first place. But there they lost the very first match.

Our guys fell 0-2 against Blink, fourth team from Group B, and had to fight through the lower bracket.

And they did great there. After wons over Finest (2-0), 1Win (2-1), Blink (2-1) and GamerLegion (2-0), Entropiq entered the Grand Final, where unmatched Sprout were awaiting them.

Germans had a 1 map leap thanks to going from the winners bracket and they managed to close the match after wins on Ancient and Vertigo.

El1an, Forester, Krad, Lack1 and NickelBack finished the 39th season of ESEA Premier on second place with a reward of $12,000.

Points gained from ESEA Premier helped Entropiq to move 13th place in the ESL World Ranking, thanks to which we're going to play the IEM Katowice in Poland for a share from $1,000,000 prize pool!

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