MT Orgrimmar: Nice 7-2 and 33rd place for En1gma

MT Orgrimmar: Nice 7-2 and 33rd place for En1gma

May 2, 2021

The complete Hearthstone trio of Entropiq - En1gma, Faeli, and Jobsad - has completed their second Masters Tour of the year. While En1gma and Faeli have long battled for positions in the Top 100, Jobsad has finished out of the money.

The second Masters Tour of the year, virtually located in the Orc capital of Orgrimmar, once again offered battles for shares of the $250,000 prize pool, points to the Grandmasters leaderboard and invitations to the next major of the season.

The most successful card player of the domestic scene was the reigning Czech champion Petr "En1gma" Balcar, who notched up seven wins and only two losses in the nine-match Swiss leg. Score of 7-2 meant a 33rd place for him.

"Overall, I am extremely happy with the result, especially after that unpleasant 1-2 start. It's a bit of a shame that I lost the third game against Bozzzton, where I may have made a mistake, but I'll have to analyse it in more detail," commented En1gma on his performance.

"It's a shame my tiebreakers were so bad that I didn't get to cash for TOP32, which would have been an extra $500, but I'm invited to the next MT, I don't have to play three more weeks of qualifiers, I don't have to stress, and I can take a break from Hearthstone after three hectic months."


Only one win worse was Oldřich "Faeli" Mahdal:

"If someone had offered me 6-3 before the tournament, I would have taken it, but after the way it went, I am only satisfied halfway. It's not 7-2 or better, no GM points, etc. A bit of a shame. Maybe the fourth time on the Masters Tour that I've gone 2-2 on the second day and I always lose to a Czech. Next time I need to be better."

Unlike the relatively successful performances of his teammates, Josef "Jobsad" Smutný had to endure a bitter drop after the eighth round. With a 3-5 record and a very weak tiebreaker, there was no chance for a paid TOP200.

"The Masters Tour Orgrimmar was one big disappointment for me. I got 3-5, but I feel like I played 1-7, nothing went right at all, but we're moving on," said Pepa himself, evaluating the second major of the year.

Results of Entropiq players at Masters Tour Orgrimmar

(403 players total)

33rd place - En1gma - $1,000 (one place from $1,500) + MT Dalaran invitation
82nd place - Faeli - $750
291st place - Jobsad

Results of all CZ/SK players at MT Orgrimmar

We were watching our players in detail on Entropiq Discord.


Hearthstone Masters Tour Orgrimmar

  • 400 qualified players (viz Liquipedia)
  • All matches best of 5
  • 4 decks, Conquest with a ban
  • Nine rounds of Swiss
  • The best 16 advance to the single elimination bracket
  • Schedule:
    Friday: Swiss 5 rounds (start 14:15 CEST / stream 15:00 CEST)
    Saturday: Swiss 4 rounds/Top 16
    Sunday: Top 8
  • CZSK in play: Jobsad, Faeli, En1gma... Jarla, CptBoatsNHoe, KrajdaCz, pepavosum, Rjů, Norwis, Pardub

Where to watch Masters Tour Orgrimmar stream?

Masters Tour Orgrimmar stream is as usual available exclusively on Youtube channel Hearthstone Esports.

Commentators: Darroch Brown, TJ Sanders, Jia Dee, Alexander "Raven" Baguley, Neil "L0rinda" Bond

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