MT didn't go well, Czech Championship this weekend!

MT didn't go well, Czech Championship this weekend!

November 6, 2021

Hearthstone is about to reach the peak of the domestic season. The situation has been unclear for a long time, but this year the Czech Republic Championship will also take place thanks to Playzone and Vodafone. Also with Entropiq representatives!

Unlike last season, when we were complete, this year only two thirds of our roster - Faeli and En1gma - will be among the TOP16 best domestic players.

As defending champions from 2019 and 2020, both have received a direct invitation from the organisers. Along with them, Jarla and Matty.

The rest of the domestic scene competed for the other 12 spots in the ten Night Cups. The third of the black and green pack, Jobsad, had the leaderboard well played out, he was still in the top 12 before the last Cup, but a first round loss and zero points meant he eventually fell outside the top 12.

The last dress rehearsal before the WC was the Masters Tour Stormwind less than two weeks ago. The fifth event of this season on the prestigious international circuit did not go well for the Entropiq players.

Faeli and Jobsad took the $500 prize for 129th-200th place, while En1gma finished outside the top 200. How did the players themselves see the last big tournament?


The Masters Tour was obviously a big disappointment, the lineup we had prepared was good up to the most popular lineup but unfortunately I didn't see much of it. I think I played reasonably well, but most of the series were so onesided that it didn't matter unfortunately. It didn't help that I didn't get one bad opponent the whole tournament. Now there is nothing left but ladder and preparation for the WC.


For MT we went with a strategy I've been playing for a while (like MAX LAN), aggressive decks with Druid ban. We were clear about the three decks we wanted to play, and En1gma and I added Shaman, which we thought would be rather rare in the tournament, but in the end maybe even both finalists played this deck.

As for my journey through the tournament, unfortunately I started with a loss in the very first round, and one where there was room to level up at 1-2 and try my luck in game five, but I didn't manage it ideally... Because of this loss, I didn't face as strong players as I'm used to in the rest of the tournament (except for iG.Syf and digo) and I rather outplayed my opponents thanks to their mistakes, but it wasn't enough to get a better result than 5-3 this time.

Looking back at the decklists, Hunter and Rogue are perfect for me, Rustrot Viper could have been the equivalent in DH instead of Felosophy, and in Shaman I would have preferred to play Earth Revenants instead of Cult Neophyte, but I didn't trust this card enough during testing.


For this Masters Tour, we decided to take a pretty unconventional lineup. It was a good choice from my perspective, even if it didn't show much in the results. The weakest of my decks was Hunter, which limped a bit, and on the other hand our non-standard Weapon Rogue proved to be the strongest, which I lost one game to for the entire tournament. I'm not happy with the result, but considering how the tournament went, I have to take 152nd place and $500 to go with it.

I'm happy with the gameplay, I don't think I threw any series away, my only regret is that the series I played weren't very long and challenging like they sometimes are.

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