Masters Tour: Jobsad Ranks 13th in the World

Masters Tour: Jobsad Ranks 13th in the World

September 13, 2020

Entropiq player Josef "Jobsad" Smutný showed the best performance of his career at Hearthstone Masters Tour Montreal. He finished in 13th place worldwide.

The $500,000 guaranteed Masters Tour Montreal has drawn a field of 325 runners, including the most accomplished Hearthstone players from all corners of the world. Among those who gathered for the online contest was Entropiq player Josef "Jobsad" Smutný, who impressed with a breakout performance.

"I hope to get 7-2," Jobsad proclaimed after a successful start to the campaign, which saw him notch four wins in five swiss matches played on Friday.

It would work out just as Jobsad outlined. He added three more wins on Day 2 to reach the desired seven-win mark. Moreover, he came close to sneaking inside the eight-player final bracket.

Jobsad vaulted to 13th place in the world in the highly contested tournament, proving his potential to rub shoulders with the best of the best.

"I notched three wins and one loss on Saturday. All series were interesting. I was able to pull off two of my wins thanks to Mozaki, which wasn't utilized by many players. I was very happy with that," Jobsad said.

His already remarkable run could have been even sweeter if it wasn't for the two losses to incredibly tough opponents. The first came on Friday against Nightning, who would go on a total-sweep haul. The other defeat came to an eventual finalist: Frenetic.  

"Both defeats were unlucky. I went 1-0 up and got myself the advantage. But I'd lose the next two games -- very close, I'd say and perhaps even unlucky. On the other hand, I the luck stayed on my side for the better part of the tournament, so I can't really complain," Jobsad described.

The 7-2 score secured Jobsad not only $3,500 but also slots in the next two Masters Tour events.

3rd place$15,000
4th place$15,000
5th place$11,000
6th place$11,000
7th place$11,000
8th place$11,000
7 swiss wins$3,500
6 swiss wins$2,250
5 swiss wins$1,000

Jobsad at Masters Tour Montreal (7-2)

1st round: 3-2 vs cyberostrich ✅
2nd round: 3-2 vs shanoz 3:2 ✅
3rd round: 1-3 vs Nightning ❌
4th round: 3-1 vs Jing ✅
5th round: 3-1 vs xhx ✅
6th round: 3-1vs mishail ✅
7th round: 1-3 vs frenetic ❌
8th round: 3-2 vs Theo ✅
9th round: vs xhx 3:1 ✅

Other Czech players' results: 

Jaromír "Jarla" Vyskočil (Nordavind): 6-3 ($2,250)
Jan "BlizzconJan" Smutný (Eclot Gaming): 5-4 ($1,000)

Eliminated on Day 1

Jakub "Pardub" Pardubský (Eclot Gaming): 2-3
Valentin "Valdaboy" Ivanov (Enterprise Esports) 0-3
Michal "RybkaPipka" Rybák (Inaequalis) 0-3

Hearthstone Masters Tour Montreal (Online)

WHEN: September 11-13

STREAM: (from 6 p.m. CEST every day)

PRIZE POOL: ~$500,000

FORMAT: 4 decks, best-of-five, Conquest with a ban

A full starting lineup: Liquipedia

Updated results: Battlefy

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