Masters Tour: En1gma and Faeli Report Excellent Start

Masters Tour: En1gma and Faeli Report Excellent Start

June 13, 2020

Team Entropiq has been off to a brilliantstart in the Hearthstone Masters Tour Jönköping. En1gma swept Day 1 for a dreamy 5-0 while Faeli posted a promising 4-1 record.

The $500,000 guaranteed Masters Tour Jönköping Online drew a field of 348 players including the world's most accomplished Hearthstone wizards. Among the elite are Team Entropiq's Petr"En1gma" Balcar and Oldřich "Faeli" Mahdal, who have proved they're not scared of fighting anyone.

16-year-old En1gma has marched through Day1 undefeated, winning all five of his swiss pairings. Only 10 players were able to sweep the board.

"I selected decks that I'd felt good about as I had played them a lot," En1gma said. The experience paid off as the youngster had an outstanding day in the office.

Faeli also entered the tournament with four wins, but he couldn't extend his streak in the final match. However, a 4-1 record puts him in the higher echelon in the overall standings, giving him a solid chance to fight for the desired spot in the top eight and the playoff bracket.

As expected, competing against the players of the Masters Tour caliber is never easy, and En1gma had to go the distance on three occasions. Each time, however, he was able to emerge victorious in the fifth inning to keep his scorecard perfect.

"I had many close series, mainly because my Druid failed to beat Demon Hunter every time," En1gma said.

While En1gma struggled against DemonHunter, Faeli had a reversed problem. His own Demon Hunter didn't perform as Faeli had wished, which ultimately cost our player the perfect record.

"Demon Hunter regularly causes me troubles. It happened twice in the final series, in which I couldn't get a 1-drop or 2-drop in two consecutive games," Faeli revealed.

Both of our players are now eyeing the seven-win mark, which means automatic qualification to the next two Masters Tour events. But with such a sharp start to the Jönköping competition, the sky seems to be the limit.

En1gma stays humble, but the undefeated run on Day 1 makes him a strong contender for the top eight. "I hope I'll squeeze out three more wins tomorrow so that I'd reach the top eight, but I wouldn't be mad about 7-2 either," he said, pointing out the double qualifier at stake.

Meanwhile, his teammate is still eyeing a back door to the knockout stage. "I want to notch at least 7-2, of course. But the top eight is still within reach, too," Faeli hoped.

Among the 13 attendees from the Czech-Slovak scene, Faeli and En1gma boasted the highest game win-rate, with Faeli topping the group with a 68.42% success. En1gma was on his heels with 65.22%. Eight domestic players will join Team Entropiq ambassadors in Day 2: Jobsad, Pardub, and PoweR reported four wins while Norwis, BlizzconJan, Jarla, Cocon, and Matty advanced with three wins.

The overall field has whittled down to 172 players who have finished Day 1 with three or more victories. Day 2 will feature four more swiss pairings which will determine the playoff lineup.

Action resumes on Saturday, June 13, at 2:15 p.m. CET, and the live stream will be available on YouTube.

Day 1 results (En1gma):
En1gma vs AjjFairyTown 3-2
En1gma vs tholwmenos 3-2
En1gma vs Viper 3-1
En1gma vs PRTHNCA 3-2
En1gma vs Pepe 3-1

Day 1 results (Faeli):
Faeli vs BlessTheFall 3-2
Faeli vs Che0nsu 3-1
Faeli vs LzJohn 3-0
Faeli vs Dizdemon 3-0
Faeli vs Fujitora 1-3

More information about the Masters Tour Jönköping can be found on the official website. Updated results can be followed on Battlefy.

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