Leaving Apex Legends

Leaving Apex Legends


Today marks a very sad day for all of Entropiq as we say goodbye to our Apex Legends section and more or less the entire game.

We don’t want to just write some corporate statement that doesn’t really say anything, but rather we want to write this as people who care as much as all of our Apex fans will.

First and foremost, we want to thank the players who wore the green and black colors of Entropiq… namely Uxako, Hiarka, Darkii, and we also can’t forget former player th0rfinnnnn and former coach Gerovic.

All these guys have always been positive, and we will never forget their desire to be part of us and represent us in the best light. We love you and wish you the best of luck and success in the future!

At the same time, we are obliged to let you know why we´ve made the decision. One of the reasons we wanted to try out the Apex Legends environment is because we had the opportunity to work with talented players. ALGS in London was a great experience for us, which gave us a passion for the game, and we were looking forward to other events. Unfortunately, after recent reports about the future of the title, we have ultimately decided to officially leave the game.

“After discussions with representatives of the game developer and our partners, at this point we have not discovered a financial model that would offer us a sustainable financial appreciation of this investment in either the short term or long term,” says Gaming Director of Entropiq Pavel Klaban and continues: “If a model exists in the future that would support synergy between the organization and the game developer, Entropiq is ready to consider returning to Apex Legends again at that point.”

Thanks again to everyone for supporting us all the way through Apex Legends. We love you all and will never forget the moments this game has brought us.

Best regards,

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