Join forces with the Entropiq Discord community!

Join forces with the Entropiq Discord community!

May 26, 2020

Entropiq has launched its own community Discord. Come chat, debate, and support our players along with other fans.

Discord is a free app featuring audio and text communication platforms, which has has been tailor-made for gamers' needs. It has evolved into the most popular communication channel across esports.

Team Entropiq has stepped up to the plate, launching its own Discord server. Do you want to be in touch with our players and staff? Join our world and become part of the Entropiq family. Every fan is welcome to join!

Invitation to Entropiq Discord channel:  

What does the experience entail?

  • getting in touch with Entropiq's players and staff
  • chatting, debating, and rooting together with fellow fans
  • first-hand access to the team information and news
  • playing with and against Entropiq fans in gaming rooms
  • exclusive competitions and giveaways

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