Jackies, from Hitpoint to LEC as first Czech player

Jackies, from Hitpoint to LEC as first Czech player


Today is bittersweet for everyone at Entropiq, as we are proud and sad at the same time. Adam “Jackies” Jeřábek is leaving our black and green colors and he’s moving to one of Europe’s top teams – team Excel Esports.

Jackies will stand alongside the top 50 League of Legends players in Europe in the LEC.

Adam has spent almost a year with the team. He came in as a young talented kid who was able to find his feet very quickly and mold himself into a world class professional under the guidance of Denyk and Zicssi.

“I have my own creative, aggressive playstyle that I can showcase at any time.”

Adam “Jackies” Jeřábek

His aggressive play on the Rift, his impeccable sense and feel for the flow of the fight have been noticed by Excel, to which Jackies is now moving to Berlin to be in.

“I wish Adam nothing but the best. It is clear that our LOL program is working as it should. Not only does he know how to find and pick the right talents, but he also knows how to lead and mold them well. Jackies’ direct transfer to LEC from the Czech Republic is a unique achievement not only for us at Entropiq, but for our entire LOL scene.”

Pavel Klaban, Gaming Director Entropiq

We would like to thank Adam for everything he has done for Entropiq… even as we say goodbye to him today, we will always remember his priceless moments and achievements in our green and black colours, which will forever be etched in the history of all of Entropiq.

We wish Adam a successful journey with Excel and may we meet again at Summoners Rift some day again!


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