How to train more efficiently? Use XPS!

How to train more efficiently? Use XPS!

January 27, 2021

Data analysis, training efficiency, communication, information flow, match evaluation based on data collection. Professional sport changes and the same applies for esport disciplines. If you want to be the best, key to success is the right adjustment and evaluation of training plans and matches.

That’s one of the reasons why Entropiq established a partnership with Sideline Sports, that develop XPS Network service.

Icelandic company has been working on the XPS for over 10 years. Initial “Excel training diary” progressively became strong and user-friendly analytical tool.

XPS Network serves more than 1500 sporting clubs in 67 countries. Among customers of Sideline Sports you can find football clubs of Bologna, Copenhagen and the Czech major clubs Slavia and Sparta and the recent winner of handball Champions League THW Kiel.

XPS specialises in sporting associations (including Czech Football Association) across all of collective sports – football, basketball, handball, floorball or volleyball. During the handball world championship taking place these days in Egypt, more than a third (12 to be precise) from 32 national teams are customers of Sideline Sports.

You can easily analyse sporting performance with the help of XPS, greatly simplify communication between coaches and players, you can develop a system of coaching observation and last but not least prepare custom-made training materials.

Entropiq organisation is worldwide pioneer in the esport industry.

“Esport is becoming a huge phenomenon a we’re glad that we can be part of it,” says Sidelijne Sports CEO Agust Thorskelsson.

“Entropiq is a highly professional team full of passion and enthusiasm. They are ideal partner for us for introducing our product to the esport world. We’re looking forward to further development of XPS in this field.”

Involvement of XPS Network leads to increased efficiency of constant skill improving and pushing the boundaries.

“We in Entropiq use XPS as a tool for tracking players’ schedule and managing it. Also in combination with AimLab for statistical performance of FPS players, crossover comparing players between FPS games, training collection aimed at individual skills, training programs for macro, mezzo and micro-cycle or questioning players about their current state of mind for mental coaches,” describes advantages of XPS Executive Manager of our training section Richie Jarošík.

“We’re still learning new things. SPX offers tailor-made video editing for (e)sport purposes and sophisticated player cards. The product greatly simplifies work for our PUBG, CS:GO, Valorant and FIFA coaches,” he adds.

Sideline Sports continuously improves their software, which also offers modern mobile interface.

“We’re ready to closely collaborate with Entropiq to move our application closer to specific esport needs,” explains Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia Jiří Jakoubek.

“XPS can also be connected to various APIs with indefinite options, and the chosen data synchronise automatically with XPS. Afterwards you can set the individual processes for anyone to observe players’ movement during a game and quickly evaluate individual matches and trainings. The needs are common for everyone, let it be esport, football, floorball, ice hockey or handball,” concludes.

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