FIFA 22: Entropiq players' first impressions

FIFA 22: Entropiq players' first impressions

October 9, 2021

Turn of September and October has been assosiated with the release of a new edition of the FIFA football simulator. How is this year's FIFA 22? We asked our players about their opinion.

Akima "Fully" Baron

My first impressions of FIFA 22 are very good, I enjoy the game a lot. I like how they have bought back times finishing which was something they added then taken out.

I don’t like the fact scoring in the box is harder than out! I would add some stronger skill moves. For example speeding the drag back skill move up like past FIFAs.

I’m really enjoying Messi, with the finesses being a strong point in the game. My aim is the same every year, I want to work as hard as possible to push myself and win!

Matěj "Matejs" Dunka

My first impressions are still mixed, I haven't played much, but overall I feel good in the game. I like the fact that the shots from behind work.

On the other hand, I would change the goalkeepers who catch everything 1v1 and add some speed.

My favourite player is R9 (Ronaldo). Five stars, he has a great shot.

My goal this year is to win some CZ/SK tournaments and try to get some good results at FGS.

One of the goals accomplished. Matejs won the first Guseppe Cup!

Mario "Marioooso99" Gumbrešt

After the first few days, I can say that I'm enjoying the new FIFA. The player movement is great thanks to the new hypermotion technology and also the timed shots.

On the other hand, I don't like the slower gameplay, the 1v1 release in the penalty area, catching goalkeepers and inaccurate passing.

I would definitely add more 1v1 skills and speed it up.

Of the players, my favourite is Kyllian Mbappe, I enjoy his speed and dribbling a lot.

This season I would like to win everything I can and if I can, make it to Europe.

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