EUM: Second attempt for Entropiq

EUM: Second attempt for Entropiq

August 24, 2022

The League of Legends Entropiq roster made it through the domestic league competition to the European Masters Play-In phase again. Our fighters will face Vitality.Bee, Illuminar Gaming and For The Win Esports.

Play-in Group Stage, Knockout Stage, Main Event and Final Playoff. The 2022 European Masters Summer Edition kicks off today.

Although Entropiq lost their previous home undefeated record in the final matches in Svitavy and finished the summer edition of Hitpoint Masters in second place, they still pushed their way into the EUM Play-In Stage again, as did the Czech champion eSuba.

At the Spring EU Masters, the Play-In Stage was the final one for our players. Denyk, Khantos, Rames, Robocop, and Eren managed to advance out of the group, but then fell short to Germany's Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition in the Knockout Stage.

The set goals were higher. This time EIQ would like to break the current curse and misery of CZSK teams on the European scene. But nice step by step.

Nothing easy awaits us. Only the top two from the four-man group in the Play-In Group Stage will advance. The Black and Greens will face the current top three of the French National League LFL Vitality.Bee, the third team of the Polish Ultraliga Illuminar Gaming and the champions of the Portuguese LPLOL For The Win Esports.



The international mix of Vitality.Bee, Team Vitality's academy, has long been among the top teams in the packed domestic competition. In the current summer split they even reached for the finals, but in the end they lost to the late champions LDLC OL in the semifinal BO5 series by the closest possible 2-3 score.

In the spring EU Masters split, the Bees made it through the Play-In phase without much trouble, made it through the group part of the Main Event, and only in the semi-finals were they beaten 2-3 by the spring EUM champions Karmine Corp, another French LFL team.

Our group has a clear favourite.

The progression path will most likely lead through this season's Portuguese league rulers For The Win and the Poles Illuminar Gaming. Not an impossible task, but certainly not an easy one.

"LFL teams are the strongest in the long run, but it is important to show our game. If we want to succeed, we have to be ready to beat any opponent, we want to represent the Czech scene well and advance to the main stage," comments the current balance of power captain denyk.



Group Play-In phase is scheduled to 24-25 August in a round-robin Bo1 format. Today we play three matches:

17:00 Vitality.Bee

20:00 For The Win Esports

21:00 Illuminar Gaming

Tomorrow we play the same opponents. The best two will secure their spot in the Knockout stage, which takes place on Saturday, 27 August. You can watch all the matches on the official EUΒ Masters Twitch channel.



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