Esports Convention 2022: How to Benefit from the Record Growing Segment?

Esports Convention 2022: How to Benefit from the Record Growing Segment?

September 20, 2022

Why is it, that this entertainment industry is getting so popular so quickly? How big is the opportunity and benefits in esports from the brands perspective? How can you measure the efficiency of connecting with such an environment?

The multinational consulting company Deloitte in cooperation with the esports club Entropiq will welcome the participants of the "Esports Convention Prague 2022" already this week.

A panel of European esports experts along with marketing leaders from multinational brands and market researchers will be looking for answers to questions mentioned above.

"We have an ambition to bring clarity to the business model of the entire entertainment segment represented not only by esports, but the entire gaming industry," says Aleš Klemperer, Entropiq's head of marketing and the spiritual father of the esports convention, who has been building brands in the hearts and minds of people across different target groups for the past 20 years.

"Esports are one of the fastest growing market segments globally in popularity and value, and is making a fundamental entry into the entertainment industry for the public. We decided to introduce this phenomenon together with Entropiq, a professional esports club, to the business and marketing environment. At this meeting, represented by leading European esport organisations, we will show the potential of this ecosystem for the further development of national and multinational brands," adds Martin Bohuslav, esports leader at Deloitte.

The esports convention aims to present interesting case studies of successful collaborations between esports organisations and brands addressing the same target groups. It wants to show how to connect the needs of target groups with the attributes of individual brands together with the attributes of an esports organisation. It aims to show that successful collaboration is not about "sponsorship", but about partnering to communicate shared benefits. Last but not least, it wants to show how success can be measured and evaluated.

The esports convention Prague is a closed invitation-only meeting, but an output will reach the professional public as well.

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