Entropiq to play the World Championship

Entropiq to play the World Championship


Fifth place after weekend battles in PUBG G-LOOT Season 6. We can live with that, especially when we secured a spot at PUBG Global Championship 2022!

The PUBG Global Championship 2022 is the biggest, most prestigious and most generously funded tournament of this season in PUBG. Only the top 32 teams worldwide will take part. Only eight spots are up for grabs for European teams.

Last year, nearly $4.5 million was split between the participants! Entropiq missed out on the tournament just by a few points, but we won’t miss it out this year!

The black and greens were already off to a great start before the G-Loot tournament. After our triumph at PCS 6, we clearly dominated the European PGC leaderboard and confirmed our qualification for the PGC with a fifth place finish at G-Loot.

Along with Entropiq, Northern Lights and BBL Esports are also assured of PGC 2022 from the EU teams, the rest will have to fight it out at PCS 7.

This weekend’s G-Loot was not our tournament though. Naylup, Qbe, Lukarux, and ivas were consistently around the middle of the starting field, and even the improved results on the last day of play, one win and one second place, didn’t make a significant difference.

In addition to the interesting point gain, the final fifth place also gave our players a $3,000 prize.

Northern Lights are happy with their victory, having finally beaten NAVI in a great battle. Both of the aforementioned teams ran their own competition throughout the weekend. The rest then battled it out for third place.

Nevertheless, Entropiq proved once again that they are one of the absolute European top teams, and they will want to show their best on the world stage as well.

Before the PGC in November, however, the players will have to face the second PUBG Continental Series of the year, which will no longer be about points, but one of the last big tests before the championship itself.


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