Entropiq Prague are TOP2 team in the CZ/SK

Entropiq Prague are TOP2 team in the CZ/SK

June 26, 2021

More than two months were the best Czech and Slovakian teams fighting in the prestigious Sazka eLeague. Entropiq Prague players fell short to just a single enemy.

Leckr, AJTT, HONES, capseN and MoriiSko showed their progress in the Sazka Grand Final and gave the favourites from Sinners a big fight.

The opening Nuke was won by the black and greens 16:13 and they also had a great start on Mirage. They were leading 10:5, but the current Czech number one turned the important map around and took the rest of the balanced series.

The last spark of hope was shown by Entropiq Prague on the fourth and, as it turned out later, the final map Train, where they led 5:0 and 9:6 at halftime, the decider was close, but Sinners were flawless in the second half.

According to paper predictions, the current Czech number one held on to their throne in one of the best matches of the last year.

Entropiq Prague will receive 50,000 CZK (nearly $2,500) for the second place. They can feel good that they can be more than a competitive opponent for the team from Liberec. Filip "AJTT" Dolenský even made it to the TOP5 list of the biggest stars of the spring split.

"The guys played very well, I am very satisfied with their performance and I must say that they surprised me how much Sinners were a balanced opponent," said Entropiq founder Martin Kabrhel after the Grand Final and our team captain Michal "leckr" Kadlicek added:

"We are happy for the second place, the first place would have been better, but we are not disappointed, the final was a great CS:GO, what dediced were the individual performances. We know that we are up to them and we would like to finally beat them. But there is still a lot of room for improvement."

Looking forward to the fall. Entropiq Prague and Sinners will again be the biggest favourites for the Grand Final in the second Sazka eLEAGUE split.

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