Entropiq is unfortunately not going to IEM Dallas

Entropiq is unfortunately not going to IEM Dallas

May 23, 2022

Despite our best efforts and the involvement of all possible internal and external resources, friends and organizers (ESL), our CS:GO lineup cannot travel to IEM Dallas.

The moment our players were able to qualify for the next Masters, our entire team immediately began to address the situation with the necessary visas to travel to the United States. However, in this timeframe, it was not possible to obtain the necessary travel visas in a timely manner in a post-covid world.

Of course, this whole difficult situation is most devastating for our players, who did everything they could to qualify for this important tournament, so they could represent our black and green colours and make our fans happy.

A big thank you to the ESL organizers who provided us with all the necessary documents immediately after the successful qualification and the maximum possible cooperation during the whole process.

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