Entropiq introduce a new general partner: Tipsport

Entropiq introduce a new general partner: Tipsport


Czech esports club hits a jackpot. Czech sports betting leader Tipsport becomes its new general partner.

Tipsport was founded in 1991 in Beroun in Central Bohemia and today it is an international group of companies with three thousand employees. It builds on an exceptionally rich odds offering, but is known to the Czech audience recently for its unique community of bettors.

And esports in particular are appearing more and more frequently in the odds offer and among the betting community, and have become one of the most sought-after betting opportunities in recent years. Therefore, the combination of a leading professional esports club and the Czech leader in sports betting is a natural step towards the further development of the industry.

Martin Filip, Head of Brand at Tipsport, commented on the new partnership:

“Several years ago, Tipsport sensed the potential of esports and established a department of bookmakers who specialize in esports. Therefore, Tipsport can expand its odds offering with more interesting opportunities from this environment and has the best quality esports offer on the market. At the same time, we have become a dominant player in the Czech esports field (partnership with Playzone for the Tipsport Championship in CS:GO, cooperation with another team, and a number of smaller esports projects). Entropiq is undoubtedly an organization with the highest goals on the Czech scene. We want to be there when these goals are achieved, and Tipsport will help to achieve this not only through the strength of its brand.”

Watch the video announcement of the Entropiq’s partnership with Tipsport:

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