Entropiq in the EPL Series 10 finals

Entropiq in the EPL Series 10 finals


New Entropiq roster finishes in 2nd place in EPL 10’s Grand Finals after a 5-hour series with Sprout.

The BO5 series started with Sprout picking Overpass, which had been won by Entropiq 16:6. Sprout came back by winning Entropiq’s Inferno pick 13:16. Ancient was next as the Sprout’s pick and was won by Entropiq 16:13. The fourth map, Anubis, ended in favor of Sprout 8:16.

The series went onto the fifth and final map – Mirage.

At first, Sprout had the upper hand with 4:11 before switching sides. Entropiq was able to keep up with the lost score, but ultimately the match ended with 13:16 in favor of Sprout.

The Grand Finale of 10th EPL Entropiq vs. Sprout ended with victory of the German org and a final score of 2:3.

Entropiq ended the 10. series with only one major mistake.

The Group stage ended with victory over Danish org Preasy Esport and Alternate aTTaX, which is number 38 in the world ranking. The first round of play-off Entropiq encountered Sprout, who sent them to the Lower Bracket.

After five rounds in the Lower Bracket, Entropiq triumphed over Polish org Turów Zgorzelec, Bulgarian 500, the 42nd team on HLTV leaderboard Espionage from Denmark, and finally conquered Team Singularity, also from Denmark.


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