Entropiq have the best FIFA players in the Czech Republic

Entropiq have the best FIFA players in the Czech Republic


Entropiq players dominated the FIFA Powered by Hyundai Championship. Matěj “Matejs” Dunka became the Czech champion.

He defeated another Entropiq player Mario “Mariooosa99” Gubrešt in the final. A very evenly matched grand final, played at the PLAYzone Arena in Prague, was decided in the 90th minute of the second match.

Matejs and Mario were the favourites from the beginning. Both advanced from their groups to Sunday’s play-offs without a defeat.

Sunday’s quarterfinal matches were decided on penalties for both Entropiq players. Matejs defeated Sparta’s Team Enterprise’s team member Emerickson. Mario beat CptKubajz, the best player from the e-sports division of Slavia.

In the semi-finals Matejs easily defeated Totik, a player from Baník Ostrava. 5:2. Mario’s semifinal match was again thrilling until the last second. He tied with Seron, who plays for Sparta and Enterprise, 2:2 in regulation time, and therefore it was again decided by penalties.

In the final, the boys faced each other and played an incredibly even game again. Matejs finally decided the match in the last moments of the second match, when he scored to make it 3:2 and thus secured the title of Czech champion.

“I won my third tournament in a row and it’s the first time in many years that the title of Czech champion has been awarded, so it’s something incredible.”

Said Matejs after the final with the trophy in his hand.

“I have mixed feelings, of course, because I came second, but on the other hand I am happy that my good friend and colleague Matejs won.”

Stated Mario.

The last time the FIFA Czech Championship title was awarded in the Czech Republic was ten years ago.

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