Entropiq echo after MT Dalaran

Entropiq echo after MT Dalaran

June 21, 2021

The third Masters Tour of the year is over. Again, the complete Entropiq Hearthstone trio fought on MT Dalaran. While Jobsad and Faeli got to the money, En1gma dropped on the first day of play.

Masters Tour Dalaran offered the standard schedule of this season. Nearly 400 players battled it out in nine rounds of Swiss for 16 playoff spots. In addition, shares of the $250,000 prizepool were up for grabs for the top 200.

Unlike the previous Masters Tour Orgrimmar, when he was the worst of our lot, this time Josef "Jobsad" Smutný shone in the Entropiq lineup.

Josef "Jobsad" Smutný in particular played a great game in the third major of the season. In light of the results from previous Masters, he even had a chance to make it into the elite GrandMasters lineup at one point, but weaker performance late in the tournament meant a final score of 6-3 and a $750 reward for 75th place.

Faeli earned a $500 bounty for 130th place with a record of 5-4, while Petr "En1gma" Balcar was unable to repeat his great result from Orgrimmar in April and bid farewell to Dalaran after four straight losses.

Jobsad (75th placen, 6-3, $750 reward)

The Dalaran Masters Tour went as expected, with all opponents playing predictable packages. My game, on the other hand, was above expectations, a pretty good performance from my point of view.

I didn't mind the night game significantly. I knew I wouldn't get much sleep, but I was pretty motivated, which meant I didn't get too tired during the series and it didn't affect my performance.

I played even matches in a lot of battles. In some games I lacked a downright good matchup.

Before the last game, I didn't have a chance for the playoffs and top 16. But at 5:1, I had a great shot. I was four wins short of becoming Grandmaster, unfortunately I only got one in the end.

Faeli (130th place, 5-4, $500 reward)

Did MT Dalaran go as expected?

Unfortunately yes, this time it was almost impossible to be better than my opponents, the meta has been settled for too long.

How did you cope with the awkward start in an inhuman time of 1:15 AM for Europeans?

I had one crisis game on the first night when fatigue took a big toll on me, but I still managed to win the game after a needless mistake. Overall though, I managed the time changeover, I had been fine tuning my regimen for a few days beforehand.

Did your opponents play the expected lineups?

There were three kinds of lineups and their representation was roughly:

lineup "A" - 80%

lineup "B" - 15%

lineup "C" - 5%

I was considering lineup "C", but it loses heavily to lineup "B" at the cost of a slight advantage against "A". I then met lineup "A" 9 times during the tournament, which we at least improved against with Token Druid (9-2 in the tournament).

Any surprises?

I was "surprised" that I wasn't able to beat OTK Demon Hunter. Unfortunately, this deck, which never had great potential to win any games against me, always won relatively early...

CZ/SK results on Masters Tour Dalaran

En1gma (385th place, 0-4 drop)

MT Dalaran was a big disappointment for me, despite the fact that I had started adjusting my sleep schedule the week before to get up in the evening.

I may have done better than expected on the last MT, so I guess I can't complain. This time, what I feared would happen was that I would play mirror matches and just draw worse than my opponent.

There weren't too many difficult decisions in the first two series, and aside from maybe two minor mistakes, I couldn't have done much differently. In the third series I felt I could make more decisions, but my opponent hit better matchups.

Finally, the fourth series came after we had been waiting for a couple of hours and fatigue set in. I couldn't concentrate much and I threw away one game because of it. With a score of 0-4, I finally dropped because the chances of winning money were quite slim and I valued my mental and physical health more.

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