Entropiq dominated the domestic scene. How about Europe?

Entropiq dominated the domestic scene. How about Europe?


League of Legends roster of Entropiq has successfully completed the first sub-goal. Winning the Hitpoint Masters and absolute domination of the CZSK scene. Europe is waiting!

Denyk, Eren, Rames, Robocop, and Khantos – the Czech-Turkish-Romanian Entropiq five-man team dominated the spring split of Hitpoint Masters, the most prestigious domestic competition in the popular League of Legends title. The final score was 19-2. Impressive record, gentlemen!

Sunday’s Grand Final against eSuba was a one-goal game. Although the blue blood managed to take one point from our players in the previous BO5, Entropiq came out even stronger in the final series of the spring season, winning 3-0.

Entropiq are the new LoL king of the domestic scene!

“It was a very fast final, we had good scrims last week, and we improved a lot. We went into the match very confident, we didn’t admit the possibility of losing and except for the second game it was pretty good and clean,” Ondřej “Robocop” Sklenička, one of the returning players, evaluated the final match.

Esuba ruled the domestic LoL scene for three long years. The title was taken away by Denyk and co.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, we will want to do much better at the EU Masters,” Robocop continues with an outlook on the coming days and weeks.

Nothing easy awaits them. Opponents from the elite European leagues, Spain, France, and the GAS region, and some LEC academy teams will also want to prove themselves. Czech line-ups have not been doing well in Europe for a long time. But Entropiq don’t want to play second fiddle.

“We have to go step by step. From the play-in to the main group stage, it will also depend on the draw, but if we have a good day we can beat anyone,” believes Sklenička.

“We have the space to prepare, now we just hope that Rames will finish the visa problem and come to us. It would be nice if we could play the whole thing from Prague.”

Together with Entropiq, eSuba also qualified for the EU Masters.

“They’re not playing badly, they can surprise, but the draw will be important for them too,” Robocop concludes.

Rivalry aside. The EU Masters starts with a play-in with both Czech representatives on 4 and 5 April.

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