Entropiq connect with Streamcoi

Entropiq connect with Streamcoi


Esport and esport tournaments are inextricably linked to live-streaming, which is also a great advertising space for promoting the partners of individual teams. Streamcoi is a great and invaluable tool in these cases.

Live-streaming is becoming increasingly popular. Hundreds of thousands of new streamers are joining Twitch week after week, and the viewer base is growing with them. Esports teams often have dozens of streaming players that are not easy to manage.

The key to working efficiently is being able to manage their channels simultaneously. This and much more is what Streamcoi offers, which is used by esports giants G2 Esports and Big Clan, among others. Entropiq will also be joining them.

“It wasn’t easy for us to have several different streamers under us and promote multiple business partners through all their channels at the same time,” comments Entropiq’s community and socials manager Petr Hučík on the reasons for the new cooperation.

“Thanks to Streamcoi, we can manage everything from one place, we have a perfect overview and at the same time accurate statistics of individual campaigns at hand.”

Streamcoi brand manager Jakub Janaszek also welcomes the new team in his stable.

“Entropiq is an esports organisation based on a highly professional foundation,” he says. “In addition to the actual competitive gaming side, they also place a lot of emphasis on live-streaming and promoting their partners, often in new and non-standard methods. It is a great pleasure for us to partner with them and support them with our Streamcoi technology.”

“Players can focus on the game and the stream itself, while Entropiq can promote brands like Puma or Your GATE through their channels and then provide them with detailed reporting on media reach and other interesting statistics.”

If you notice a promotional trailer on your favorite Entropiq player’s stream in the next few days, either in the picture or in chat, it’s most likely just a setup via Streamcoi.

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