Diablo Chairs support Entropiq players

Diablo Chairs support Entropiq players


Get comfortable! Entropiq is proud to announce a new partnership with Diablo Chairs, one of the most renowned companies in the gaming and ergonomic chair industry.

The collaboration will officially kick off with the support of the McDonald’s Big Match tournament, where Diablo Chairs will ensure the best possible comfort for the players.

In addition, Diablo Chairs will exclusively donate one new gaming chair to a charity stream that will run throughout the event by the choice of a winner.

Diablo Chairs will also provide the furnishings for Entropiq’s new gaming space. They will also guarantee the comfort of gamers in their homes.

“Entropiq’s philosophy is simple. To associate our name with the best brands on the market. The chairs and gaming equipment from Diablo Chairs meet this perfectly,” says Entropiq CEO Daniel Kloud in response to the partnership.

“Not only the gamers, but also other people in the organisation absolutely love their chairs and that’s why we are so happy about this collaboration.”

In doing so, Diablo Chairs is not just about the highest possible sales, but above all to create a distinctive lifestyle.

According to Amazon, the company is the overwhelming leader in Poland, Spain, Italy and France. In the Financial Times poll, they took first place for the fastest growing company in their area in the whole of Europe!

“We have been following the Entropiq organization for quite some time. They have the same view on the future of esports and that’s why we decided to work together for the long term,” says Diablo Chairs’ Manager for Southern Europe Matúš Sabo.

“I believe that together we can do what others only dream of :-)”

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