Both of our CS:GO sections advanced to the ESEA playoff

Both of our CS:GO sections advanced to the ESEA playoff

March 7, 2023

The ESEA Main group stage is over and we are happy. Both of our CS:GO sections have made it to the playoffs and will be fighting for Advanced league!

Entropiq and Entropiq Future have entered their first international season successfully. Entropiq, with a new line-up under captain Christoph "Red" Hinrichs, recorded 11 wins and 3 losses in the regular season, which means they enter the knockout stage from 15th place.

The young guns of Entropiq Future have notched up 9 wins and 5 losses. They made it to the playoffs just barely, but it doesn't matter.

The main team has been seeded through to the second round, which will be played on Thursday at 20.30.

Entropiq Future will play the first round on Tuesday at 8pm against the Nemiga academy team. What's definitely interesting is that the winner of this match will take on... you guessed it, our main team, Entropiq.

The winner of the (hopefully) duel of the borthers may meet Team Sampi in the very next round of the playoffs.

The playoff is a double elimination format and the top 16 of the 48 entrants will make it to the Advanced league.

Both of our teams can advance at the same time! Don't forget to cheer and follow the latest results on our social media. This is our world!

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