Better physical condition = better gaming performance

Better physical condition = better gaming performance

July 29, 2021

Performance of an esport player depends on various things. One of them is health and physical condition, which prevent quick exhaustion and help with stressful situations.

Entropiq PUBG quartet - Hawki, Redgie, Nowikk and Double - have decidede to participate in a science project in cooperation with Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University. Main author of this action is Performance Director of Entropiq, Richard "Richie" Jarošík.

Richard Jarošík describes the project:

The whole idea came from my position as a performance director. I am of the opinion that the better you feel physically and mentally, the better you will perform and perform better in the long run. That was the basic idea.

I was also inspired by some other international organizations. I studied at the FPES, it was my second home for a few years, I left a good name behind, I know the dean's office there, so it was that much easier. Together with the secretary we started to think of a form of cooperation, until we came up with a project that I named "esport package".

What is it? We approached the guys from PUBG, it all started with a big measurement - motor skills, ergometry, subcutaneous fat, physiology, fitness etc. Physiotherapists, conditioning coaches, got on the boys.

Conditioning exercises started, heart rate was measured, resting and maximum. The boys were given watches to check their sleep hygiene and heart rate not only at rest but also stress during play. At important moments in the game, the heart rate naturally rises.

Your body is used to a certain heart rate, but once it gets toa higher one, it naturally doesn't know what to do, you can shake and start making mechanical errors in the game. That's how it works in normal sports, but equally in esports, that's my hypothesis that we're working with.

The stress heart rate for the PUBG guys was up to around 150. The conditioning coaches then devised a conditioning plan based on that figure to keep all their workouts at that particular stress level of 150 beats so that the body would naturally adjust. The overall idea is to try to adapt your body so that when it gets to that stress level of 150 bpm, it will be ready for it.

Part of the whole "package" included, based on the nutrition questionnaire, customized nutritional counseling. Proper movement is only 50% of success and without proper nutrition the desired effect is greatly diminished. Not forgetting the monitoring of sleep hygiene through questionnaires and the aforementioned smart watches. Once enough data is collected, the boys will be advised on how to adjust their sleep and what to do to improve their sleep hygiene. I personally think that especially with more physical preparation, the body will be more tired and sleep better.

The whole process, we can also say research, takes three months, twice a week in the faculty the players have a fitness session, once a week they have a strength individual and once a week they see a physiotherapist.

After three months the same testing is done as at the beginning and the results are compared before and after the program. It's not about getting their heart rate down under stress, but getting their body to be able to function under that stress level.

We're about two-thirds of the way through now. August should be the last month.
The boys are happy, they are so happy for the opportunity. Personally, I think all esports guys want to live healthier, change their life style a little bit. It was also one of the main predispositions from FPES.

They wanted the research sample of players to be selected on a voluntary basis. We certainly didn't force anyone. :-) Hawki, Nowikk, Redgie, and Double are all very complimentary. Nowikk in particular has undergone a brutal change, and the regular movement with proper guidance is evident.

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