Back to the Roots: PUBG is back!

Back to the Roots: PUBG is back!


You are invited to a Chicken Dinner! Serving today: the returning Entropiq PUBG section.

PUBG has a special place in our heart. It is close to our organization as one of the founding titles. Our first roster was announced 4 years ago and we have a successful PUBG history – we won the EU Continental Series 6 and placed 15. on PUBG Global Championship 2022.

Last year was a little intense and so we have put PUBG on a pause. However, once 4 talented Czech-based players came to our doorstep and showed us they not only can shoot, but also handle a frying pan and have kicker dance moves, we could only say “Yes!“

We therefore retain our status of a regional partner in PUBG, which means you will see us in Play-offs from the get go and can look out for in-game items giveaways on our social media. Big thanks to our partners PUBG Corp. for making this possible!

You are probably saying to yourself: “Cool! Who are the players?“

Dominik “Hawki“ Gryga is historically one of the first players who represented us in PUBG. We are excited to welcome him back to our roster. PUBG is his calling – playing since beta and grinding over 10k hours, while also being a Czech National Champion. He has been gaining more experience as a player and a coach and will be taking on a role of captain again.

Josef “jANYY“ Janoušek is a former soccer player, who began his journey in Call of Duty 4, where he became a European Champion. PUBG became his calling later on, as the varsity of the game was to his liking. He’s got over 7k hours and won the Czech National Championship.

Jiří “dedrix“ Sluka is a 21-year-old student and a former Fortnite player, who hopped on the PUBG train in 2017. He’s been playing it competitively for the last 5 years and is also a Czech National Champion.

Vojtěch “Grendys“ David started playing PUBG “by accident“ as he was asked to be a substitute by a friend. And so it is that “by accident” he played over 10k hours and is also a Czech National Champion.

This is our squad! Our boys will be playing their official match tomorrow so don’t forget to cheer for them! And of course: Bon appétit!

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